Professional Drupal Web Design - a powerful Content Management System (CMS)

Easily edit your own website.

We design websites using a flexible Content Management System (CMS) so that, should you wish to, you can have complete autonomy over your site once our work is done. To ensure that you have the best system we researched and tested the many CMS's available. After extensive tests, we found the Drupal Content Management System (Drupal CMS) to be the most user friendly, flexible and offer a great range of functionality (Other CMS's sometimes had one of these, but never all of them). We were really impressed with the fact that there are thousands of die hard Drupal aficionados online at any given time working together to make Drupal even more efficient and flexible.  Now you can modify:

  • Every single page of your website (including the home page).
  • Images - including uploading images from your own computer.
  • Links, so that by modifying a link once, it automatically changes on every page it appears.
  • Blocks - if you want to move a block, have it only showing on some pages, etc. you can.
  • Text in footers, titles, copyright notices, etc.

Basically Drupal gives you complete control over every aspect of your site, merging the lines between maintaining your site and designing it.

We can also use Drupal to create more complex websites such as:

  • Interactive, rich-media sites
  • Community portals
  • E-commerce stores
  • Photo or Art galleries
  • Property portals

Using Drupal

To use Drupal, you login in to the site and then on every page you visit you have 2 options - View and Edit. The View option allows you to see what other people see, the Edit option allows you to change the content on that page.

To create new pages you simply select 'Create Content' (which appears on every page when you're logged in), specify the title of the page, what the link to it should be called and then start typing - using a FCK editor which, as you will see, is an interface similar to Word or other word processing software. The editor allows you to put things in bold or italics, add bullet points or number lists, left align, right align or centrally align text, add links to other sites, add images, etc. etc.

The screenshot below shows the Content Management System (CMS) in action for the MJC in Esperaza, France. The Drupal CMS also allows us or you to add additional features to your website, such as allowing other people to post comments on news items, creating Discussion Forums, or asking visitors to vote on a particular topic. You can automatically organise items by date and choose to show the most recent news items on the home page, add products to a catalogue yourself and much more - the possibilities are endless!

You may also be interested in our Drupal website user guide.

Drupal content management system


The image below is a close-up from this screenshot of the Drupal FCK editor.
This lets you easily make changes to individual pages. 
We can also configure your FCK editor to have more design options if you'd like, such as:
Changing the font size, font type (Arial, Times, etc.)


edit your own website


Drupal website designs have a range of flexible options.
For example, we have created websites that have all the following features:

  • Slideshows or random images.
  • Photo or image galleries.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Different access permissions for different users.
  • Private discussion forums that only registered members can view.
  • E-commerce web design using Ubercart.