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This page uses Google's search engine technology to offer you a French Search Engine - for searches in French and English.

By default, French language results are shown - so if you search for a word that is the same in both languages (e.g. 'hotel'), then you will get French results. If you search for an English word that doesn't exist in French, then you'll get English results related to France - so if you search for 'Nice' for example, your results will be about Nice, France, rather than things that are nice. (Though we hope you'll get some nice results about Nice).

The search results shown on this page are provided by Google and we are not responsible for any content shown on third party sites.

We also offer a Search Engine Optimization service in French and English, which helps your site appear higher with Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We can offer this for English websites, French websites and bilingual websites.

When performing search engine optimization (SEO) on your site, we take over 20 different factors into account on the site itself - the text on a page itself, titles, metatags, links, filenames of images, etc. We also generate links from other high quality, relevant websites with a good Google PageRank (Google's measure of how 'popular' a website is.

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