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In the early stages of the internet, Directories were the normal way in which people found information, before the invention of search engines.  We would still recommend submitting your website to 100 or 200 directories though, as:

  • They generate traffic by themselves, creating more visitors to your site.
  • Links from directories will help you to appear higher in search results with search engines (particularly links from high PageRank directories, like those shown on the right).
  • Directories often show up high in search results (including subject specific directories).

The higher the PageRank of a site the more likely it is to appear well with Google and also the more likely being included in the directory will help your site to appear higher with Google.

The PageRank for the sites shown on the right was checked in January 2010 and shows a selection of high PageRank directories (PR9, PR8, PR6, PR5 and PR4).  If you'd prefer to save yourselves hours of submission time, we would be happy to manually submit your site to 100 or more high PageRank, high quality directories.

We select the most relevant, high PageRank directories from a large list and submit your site to the most relevant (based on the content of your own site) and highest quality directories.  See our French Link Building Services if you're interested in French directory submissions for more information.

PageRank 9

Internet Public Library

PageRank 8

Librarians' Internet Index (highly informative sites only)
DMOZ (be prepared for a long wait)
Virtual Library

PageRank 6
High Pagerank Google PR Link Directory - Transops.Net

PageRank 5
International Web Directory
Internet Web Directory (For web designers only)
references-web Graphisme French articles

PageRank 4 - Design directory

PageRank 3

Ldmstudio Directory

Classement de sites - Inscrivez le vôtre!

The above list of directories is supplied by

1 Website Designer

and is ordered by PageRank.